Thursday, April 16, 2009


Remember when I used to take photos at concerts? Me either! It's been too long. A few of my feeble attempts earlier this month are below. (Mostly grainy, but what can you do.) I managed to, uh, get my camera in for the lc! concert, but that's only because I was wearing a winter coat. I don't know what I'll do when I don't have a coat! GC! promised a photo pass next time, but the kids aren't too reliable, so I'll have to think of a sneaky way to do it.

April 1st we went to see lc! at the Opera House.




The next day we went to see The Weakerthans. I didn't risk bringing my (confiscatable - is that a word?) camera to this show so I didn't get any passable photos. Boo. But it's John K being adorable, so all is right.


And look! Super cute pin we got at The John K The Weakerthans show. Yaz (and OT) would appreciate it.


The pin is on my coin purse because I can't be trusted to put pins on bags anymore. They all end up falling off :-(

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