Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bookbinding II: day 1 - 3

(Sigh, Flickr is giving me all kinds of guff. I have no idea what I have done to my computer for it to hate me. Anyway...!)

Last week I was occupied by the Bookbinding II course. Six whole days! It was pretty tough. But you know how it is.

I discovered my new favourite piece of equipment: the plough. It's used to trim text blocks. I was uncharacteristically patient when using it and ended up with straight edges! (I think I cut, like, 1 page at a time, which is a bit ridiculous, but I didn't want to rip my book!)

Speaking of which... that book had a real text block. It's so nerve wracking to sew a real text block. If you make a mistake on one section you can't just swap it out, because IT'S A REAL BOOK. Well, I may or may not have made a few extra holes in it when I sewed the end bands on (real end bands! Exciting!!) Sigh.

Oh, we had an official bookbinding mascot the whole week: Paddy. She greeted us each morning (trying to sniff out food in our bags) when we arrived in the studio and was most interested in us during lunch time. Her eyes never left our food. Chocolate is not for dogs, Paddy! (Even if you look hilarious with your jaunty scarf.)


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