Sunday, March 22, 2009

it's frakking over. and bsg inspired crafts.

So, I was totally having a one person crafting frak party all weekend. It involved watching both parts of the BSG finale and BSG inspired crafting. (The finale was simultaneously satisfying and unsatisfying. Is that possible? I don't like it when anything ends, so maybe that's part of why it was unsatisfying (Hey, I've held off watching the last couple of Six Feet Under episodes for almost a year now! I know how it ends though. Heh.), and space battles aren't really my thing (I like them well enough, but I don't need an hour of it!) Some of the character arc resolutions were a bit too brief (It felt like everything happened too quickly.) I'll probably like it better on re-watch. I was reading some comments/reviews about the finale and I laughed when some people compared the second half of the finale to The Return of the King because just when you think it's going to end it. Just. Keeps. Going. I laughed because it's true. I'm like, "Aw, it's over. Wait, there's more. Oh, now it's over. No, it's not! Godsdammit! Stop toying with my emotions!" The last three minutes, however, had shades of Steven Spielberg, which is unfortunate. You can't win them all.

Anyway! Back to crafting. This BSG inspired crafting project had been eating away at my brain for the past couple of months. The original idea was slightly different (less functional and involved more hand embroidery than I probably could have managed - I'll try it eventually), but then I discovered machine letter embroidery! (Thanks, the workroom!) The outcome of my painstaking effort is below. I originally wanted to make it dark/navy blue so it was more BSG-y, but I didn't have enough blue wool fabric. I had lots of brown though. So I decided this would be my New Caprica version (since it was all muddy and dirty there.) Although, it works perfectly as we wait for The Plan to air - commemorates the ending of BSG and reminds me that I have the movie to look forward to. Yes.

Okay, longest, rambling entry ever, sorry (I'm trying to learn how to edit the html template to insert cuts on here, but it's killing me. Maybe next time.) On to photos.

Sometimes you have to roll the hard...

Six (French knots! I was going to sew some dots on, but it didn't really match the font of the text, so I ended up doing some hand embroidery after all, which ends up being classier. This combines BSG and gambling - which, I guess, would have more to do with the original series, what with the casino planet and all. I've never watched it, I'm just saying. The quote is all New Version Adama (as far as I know.))

Yes, there are robots inside. (Is there anything this fabric can't do? It automatically makes everything classy.)

Too bad it's slightly wonky - it'll be better next time!

I have other BSG inspired crafts. But it involves books, so you can guess what that is. (I'm too lazy to take photos now...)

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