Tuesday, February 3, 2009

killer icicles and deflated logs

killer icicles
So... this is what I did all weekend. I watched the crazy enormous icicles at my parents' house melt (my mom was glad they were melting because she was afraid that if we went outside they would fall down on us...! I told her they would be a good booby trap for trespassers... She did not appreciate my defense of the killer icicles. I liked them!)

deflated log
And then I worked on this fabric log. It's sort of a bag to hide stuff in. I think I'll make an actual cushion like this as well. I learned that I'm not very good at sewing circles when there are five layers of fabric. It's really hard. (And I may or may not have broken a needle while sewing near the zipper because I was impatient.) Anyway, it looks deflated in the photo because there's nothing in it yet. Maybe I'll get a better photo when it's actually in use. I don't know what's up with this computer screen, but my log looks like it's the same colour all over! (I'm not using my own computer at the moment, so everything looks off. Or, maybe I should just take photos in better light.) It's supposed to be darker on the "outside" (the bark part) and lighter on the "inside" (the end parts.) Well, just imagine that it looks like a real log. Except made out of fabric.

I also drilled holes in a bunch of boards for more book making good-times. I couldn't take a photo because I was using a drill. Safety first and such.

All in all, a productive weekend was had by everyone.

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