Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pack Rat Death Wish

workroom fabric
At the rate I'm buying fabric now, in ten years, there will be stacks of floor to ceiling fabric that will threaten to trap me in my place. I will be reaching to pull out some fabric I bought 7 years ago that I only recently found a use for and the whole stack will come tumbling down and pin me to the ground. Weeks later, my neighbours will notice a strange odour and find me buried under all my awesome fabric. Maybe Scully will adopt my dog and name it Queequeg.

cotton 100%
One of my new favourites. It has various talking sewing equipment. I think the scissors are telling us to cut cloth of cotton 100%. Awesome! We all need more Engrish on our fabric.


  1. I will adopt your dog and name it Queequeg! (Though in reality, I'd be more likely to do so if said non-existent dog of yours were a cat. HA.)

  2. You just wish you were Scully! But, Queequeg would suit my non-existent dog so much better.