Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Robot coin purse

robot coin purse
I sewed a coin purse the other day because my new wallet is pretty flat and doesn't really hold as much change as I would like (I should probably be less lazy and use my change so this wouldn't be a problem.) Plus, this was an excuse to use some awesome fabric I made a treacherous trip (it was snowing!) to buy right before the holidays (at my new favourite store, the workroom.) Unfortunately, I didn't finish the tiny inside pocket the way I would have liked (because I was lazy) and now it's really bothering me (I had already taken the coin purse apart once because part of it was uneven - off by 3 millimeters - but I couldn't justify taking it apart again. OCD!)

The coin purse is drawstring style so that it looks like I'm carrying a small sack of gold nuggets.


  1. i love seeing you with this adorable robot purse... and it does make me think you've got a bag of treasure in there!

  2. Thanks, Karyn! No one can resist the charms of Kokka robot fabric; no matter what form it takes.